In a positive and productive work environment, everything flows.
Creativity, satisfaction, and ultimately, business success.

This is why Angel Aide was created – to help you focus, inspire and grow.

We aim to take the admin pressure off your business and create harmony and happiness.

Founder of Angel Aide, Marlene Papageorgiou, brings a strong procedural and secretarial focus to her role. With over 20 years’ experience as a legal secretary, as well as accounts and managerial roles within creative industries, Marlene deals with confidential business issues with a high level of discretion and sensitivity.

Marlene loves creating new possibilities for business owners. She believes that getting professional admin support opens people up to all the opportunities of business, and in life.

“I believe that a beautiful, inspiring workspace creates positive energy for the people who work in it. By getting admin ‘off your desk’, you’ll see a happier, more energised workplace as you find yourself working effectively and achieving more.”

Want someone to care about your business admin so you can focus on what you love?